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... is a short visual novel following the Alice in Wonderland-esque adventures of a girl stuck in her room, coming to terms with her reality.

"This girl's life is a mess-- and it's not difficult to see why. What is there to do when she feels pulled between two worlds: reality and her vivid dreamscapes?"
Well that's the story she thinks she's in. Does it even make sense to be folded into your escapist fantasies like that? The girl is paralyzed, distracting herself by clouds and imaginary friends. But distracting herself from what exactly?

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"It's about the vibes..."

Project Intent

I aim to layer simple techniques with art to create a short project that is more of an emotional vignette than game. The mission is to subtly overwhelm the viewer with textures and (sorta) surreal environments in an effort to recreate the anxious, sick you feel at the pit of your stomach.
This game aims to portray a slow dread that twists the colors of comfort, whimsy into each other until it's not even fun anymore. There's a stink under the glitter and unoffensive pastels that you can't put your finger on. Eventually, you can't even feel comfortable within your own fantasies. The worst part? Paradise hasn't changed, it's you.

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